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Posted on Nov.02, 2008, in links category

Waralytics.com is a recently launched site which is awesome for all stat-junkies like myself. One of the most interesting notes, which also reflects the poll results here on the sidebar, is the balance between Order and Destruction forces, which is now about 1.3:1 in favor of Destruction.

The stats are however being pulled only from guilded characters, but still it’s an excellent resource. Massively posted a small but interesting list of stats:

  • Total players
    Order: 203,916
    Destruction: 260,958
  • Healers
    Order: 59,434 / 29%
    Destruction: 79,116 / 30%
  • Tanks
    Order: 39,705 / 19%
    Destruction: 58,398 / 22%
  • Ranged DPS
    Order: 65,562 / 32%
    Destruction: 68,974 / 26%
  • Melee DPS
    Order: 39,215 / 19%
    Destruction: 54,470 / 20%
  • Tiers population totals
    T1: 170,716
    T2: 183,526
    T3: 85,867
    T4: 10,853

As they say, it is indeed interesting there’s over 350,000 players still in Tier 1 and Tier 2 — for those who are stuck I recommend checking the leveling guides page.

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8 comments for this entry:
  1. Slaynn

    I like this site. It would be great if they could find a way to incorporate inguilded folks.

    I use the Warhammer Census addon on my server. Maybe someone could get a website together and consolidate all the data submitted by users of that addon?

  2. dave

    I think alot of people are still in teir1 and 2 because the scenarios are fun to them in those teirs. teir3 and 4 are big on crowd control which turns some peole away.

  3. J Adams

    Interesting stat about population. However is it number of players or number of toons? I know when i played I had one of every toon trying to find one that i liked. I just did not like the game. Judging by the numbers above it looks like there might be 100,000 players give or take a few.

  4. Sean

    I’m curious if that 400k mark is active accounts, number of toons created etc. I know Blizzard says 10 million people playing but that actually means 10 million accounts total which includes banned, inactive and active accounts. I just reactivated my Warhammer account after playing WoTLK which IMO is joke for raiding. I feel Warhammer is further along at it’s age than what WOW was at this point. I remember WOW being very buggy in it’s first year out. I’m hoping with improvements to War, this game will pick up. Figure out the fortress sieges without the server crashing and I’ll be excited!

  5. Jason

    Actually, if you look at Waralytics now you’ll notice there’s over a million War characters now. Since it can’t know which characters are inactive and if they are on the same account or not, the numbers are probably a bit too high.

    WoW on the other hand has 11 million subscribers and those are only ACTIVE accounts (it’s insider info directly from Blizzard).

  6. Mike

    Warhammer will pick up. Wotlk Sucks, compared to how it use to be anyways. Definitly going to start playing war again. Looks like they’ve already made a ton of improvements. And as for he insider info from blizz i woudlnt beleive aword they said

  7. Kal

    No one is stuck in T1-T2 really. T1-T2 is the only place the game is really fun for people that don’t necessarily want to wait for a huge group of their friends to do anything. If you aren’t running with a guild of people that play together regularly in this game, it quickly becomes a pile of non-fun

  8. Jeff

    There are definite issues with the “endgame.” In my opinion that has been the hardest on subscriber retention in WAR. I’ve known many who got burned out, much faster than even they expected, after reaching Tier 4 and ended up canceling their subscriptions.

    I think the upcoming, and free, “Call to Arms” expansion and 1.2 patch will help. However, until Mythic finds the sweet spot for the “flow” of Tier 4 RvR, WAR will still have problems with subscriber retention.

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